Doctors Gagged

Doctors Gagged

If you have been looking for my articles and information about how to boost your immune system on my website, I apologize, but I had to take the articles down or risk going to jail. On May 13, 2020, along with a lot of other doctors across the United States, I received a letter from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) claiming “We have determined that you are unlawfully advertising that a certain product treats or prevents Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).”

It surprised me that the FTC would consider the information in my article to be a claim to prevent, treat, or cure COVID-19. I was given 48 hours to comply with their demand to remove all such claims from my website. I believe that the FTC is over reaching and trying to silence all opposition to anything that is not FDA approved.

The information in my articles about how to boost your immune system with Vitamin A and Vitamin D, and herbal remedies was intended to help prepare and protect you from the serious consequences of this pandemic. If you would like to receive this the type of educational information, then please sign the Petition below. Tell the FTC to stop preventing doctors from telling their patients how to use Dietary Supplements to boost their immune system.

The FTC and the FDA have launched a campaign to limit the information that health care professionals are allowed to tell their patients regarding COVID-19. The FTC and the FDA are now exerting an ominous force with almost unlimited legal resources, which is more like censorship of opposing opinions than protection of consumers.

Currently, there are no FDA approved drugs or vaccines for COVID-19. I believe that you, my patients, want and deserve to hear my expert medical opinion and advise on how to boost your own immune defense, to protect you and your family’s health, especially at a time when there are no approved drugs or vaccines that have been shown to safely and effectively prevent, treat or cure COVID-19.

I believe that I have the right to give you truthful and non-misleading information about how to enhance your immune function, while being careful to make sure that you understand that I am not implying or claiming to prevent, treat or cure COVID-19 or any other disease. I believe you are intelligent enough to determine for yourself whether enhancing your immune system during this pandemic is sensible or not.

It appears to me that the FTC is ignoring my rights and your rights provided by the First Amendment. Essentially, it appears that the FTC is overreaching its authority and jurisdiction in only allowing health care professionals to recommend treatments, which have been approved by the FDA. This action is gagging and silencing doctors.

I hope you will join me, and hundreds of thousands of other like-minded Americans, in taking action to stop the censorship of truthful and non-misleading, albeit opposing, information that we all deserve to know. Tell the FTC and the FDA that you do not want them to decide what information they should let you hear or not hear.

I am joining with The Alliance for Natural Health who has also written about the Gagging of Doctors. We are going to be contacting federal and state officials, including the President, to explain how agencies that are supposed to be protecting Americans are, and have been, undermining and endangering our health. This is a critical moment, and we need as many signatures as possible. Please take action today! Sign the Petition below and share this with as many people as you can.

Dr. Clark Hansen, N.M.D.

Petition! Write to President Trump, telling him to stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing this censorship campaign, with copies to Congress and state legislators, telling them to fix the laws that censor medical opinion and natural alternatives to drugs and vaccines, making medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective. Please send your message immediately and forward this email to everyone you know.


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Dr Hansen, Hansen Clinic of Natural Medicine

About the Author

Dr. Clark H. Hansen is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor (N.M.D.) who has been in private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, since 1986. He is the President and Medical Director of the Hansen Clinic of Natural Medicine, Aesthetics and Mesotherapy. Dr. Hansen is one of the most well respected Naturopathic Physicians in the country and a Diplomat of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine.

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