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We Want to Hear Your Stories!

We want to tell more people about these amazing ingredients that God has made by nature. If you will take a minute to write a quick review of your favorite product or products and give it a STAR rating, we will give you 1 bottle at 50% off. If you will send us a quick video testimonial, we will give you 1 bottle for FREE.

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Call to Raise Vitamin D Daily Values

An international alliance of researchers and doctors are calling on governments to increase the recommended daily intake of vitamin D from 400 to 4000 IU in a bid to reduce the severity of disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 and reduce hospitalizations.

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Vitamin D Deficiency of Pandemic Proportions!

Vitamin D deficiency levels were associated with dramatic increased incidence of COVID-19 death. The outcome differences were striking: “98.9% of Vitamin D deficient cases died, “while “only 4.1% of cases with normal Vitamin D levels died.”

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