Vitamin D Prevents Flu / Infections

Vitamin D plays a critical role in preventing and controlling infections due to the flu. In the January 2010 Life Extension Magazine, Co-founder Bill Faloon, summarizing some of the science  involved in this research. An excerpt from the  article follows: Evidence that Vitamin D Combats Winter Infections As daylight hours grow colder and shorter, incidences of […]

Girls developing breasts as early as age 7

Girls developing breasts as early as age 7

young girls on the beachSome American girls are developing breasts as young as age seven, researchers have found. Although there’s no conclusive evidence as to what is causing girls to develop early signs of puberty, environmental exposure to estrogens and chemicals that mimic estrogen are among the key factors suspected. The early onset of puberty may lead to obesity, hormone imbalances and cancer.

Osteoporosis Drugs Causing Fractures & Cancer! What Can You Do?

On March 8, 2010, ABC News reported that “Osteoporosis Drugs, Like Fosamax May Increase Risk of Broken Bones in Some Women” and that “Long-term Use of Popular Class of Osteoporosis Drugs May Have Opposite Effect for Some Women.” (click here to watch the ABC video) Fosamax and Boniva are the two most popular drugs in […]

Osteoporosis Drugs Causing Bone Breaks: Patients Speaking Up

Why has the FDA moved so slowly on this issue. Bisphosphonates as a class of drugs should be taken off of the market immediately. Fosamax and femur fractures : FDA is investigating possible links By Mary Rice Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 Original Source: The femur is one of the strongest bones in the body. […]

WARNING: Don't Take Boniva or Fosamax

WARNING: Don’t Take Boniva or Fosamax, etc!
It appears that the radio and TV ads for Boniva with Sally Field may have to add a new WARNING: Tell your doctor if your femur snaps in half while you’re just standing in the kitchen doing nothing.

This of course would have to be added to the already worrisome list of side-effects that are recited so fast that you can’t really comprehend them anyway. There are so many side-effects that it takes a fast talking lady speaking twice the normal rate, one-third of the advertisement time to recite them.