Stop the FDA's Massive Attack Against Supplements

ACTION ALERT Alliance for Natural Health Update posted 10/11/16The FDA’s New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification process threatens consumer access to thousands of dietary supplements. The biggest issues in the original guidance remain in the latest revised version, and it is critical that the document be revised again to reflect what was intended in DSHEA: to […]

Congress pushes back against FDA's attempt to squash Compounding Pharmacies

Last year, the Drug Quality and Security Act, or DQSA, sponsored by Big Drug Companies, gave the FDA increased authority over compounding pharmacies, and the agency has responded by trying to regulate them out of existence. The new legislation passed by Congress in the December 2015 Omnibus Bill will temporarily help to save Estriol and […]

Saving Access to Bio-Identical Hormones & other Compounded Medications

The patients of Naturopathic Physicians derive tremendous benefit from safely compounded medications that are made available or administered to them in the physician’s office (known as “office use”).  Nutritional, herbal, homeopathic and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement medications are compounded to meet unique patient needs. These medications are not available from large pharmaceutical manufacturers that do not […]

Medical Expert Exposes What Obamacare Is Doing To Your Doctor

This video explains the reasons why I do not participate in any Health Insurance programs or Obama-care. They seek to remove the individualized health care decision making authority from the doctor and give it to Insurance Company and Government Bureaucrats so that they can ration health care services to the minimum common denominator. They have […]

FDA Wants to Take Away Your Bioidentical Hormones

FDA initiating new regulations to limit Compounding Pharmacies and Bio-Identical Hormones   Big Drug Companies want to limit your access to natural, Bio-Identical Hormones, so that the only options you have left are the drugs that only they make, i.e. the synthetic copies of your hormones that they can patent and sell for billions of […]

Good News for your Bioidentical Hormones

On October 20th, 2014, I told you about new legislation that has placed onerous new restrictions on Compounding Pharmacies. Compounding Pharmacies can no longer sell Bio-Identical Hormones in bulk to doctors office’s. Each formulation must be prescribed individually for a specific patient Each compounded medication must be made individually by hand for each patient Supplies […]