Should You or Should You Not Get a Mammogram?

A Norwegian study, published in the British Medical Journal, concludes, “Thus, 15% to 25% of cases of cancer are overdiagnosed, translating to 6 to 10 women overdiagnosed for every 2500 women invited for screening.”That may not sound like very many, but that translates to 35,000 to 58,000 woman in the US who are being overdiagnosed and unnecessarily treated every […]

Fear may be more harmful than radiation from Japanese nuclear reactors

When it comes to the nuclear-power disaster unfolding in Japan, there clearly is far more to fear than fear itself. But fear is clearly one of the biggest – and could turn out to be the most potent – dangers. Although radiation escaping from a nuclear power-plant catastrophe can increase the risk for many cancers […]

Iodine Protects against Radiation from Nuclear Reactor Accidents

Currently, increasing amounts of radiation are escaping from nuclear power plants in Japan that were damaged by the recent 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan on March 10, 2011, and the tsunami that followed. Based on the best scientific information that we have, I do not believe that any significant amount of radiation from these reactors […]