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Physician Formulated, Clinically Proven Focus, Mood, & Memory Aging & Metabolism Preventative Health Lab Tests Other Supplements Focus, Mood, & Memory Having trouble focusing? Don’t feel like yourself? It’s natural to get stressed or lose focus in life. Dr Hansen’s specially formulated supplements use only the highest quality all natural

Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke Recovery

The results of a small clinical trial offer hope for people left with motor impairment following a stroke, after finding that an injection of adult stem cells into the brain restored motor function for such individuals, to the extent that some patients regained the ability to walk. Researchers found that

Women’s Health

Women’s Health Dr. Hansen takes a natural and holistic approach to women’s health, focusing on enabling a woman’s body to function at optimal levels and prevent future illness or disease. Some of the specific services he provides include hormone testing, PAP smears, and physical and gynecological examinations. He also provides

Weight Loss

Weight Loss When treating a patient, their total health (physical, mental, emotional, and physical) must be taken into account. If a person’s body is not functioning properly, plagued with inflammation, or suffering from somatic responses to emotional distress, a person will fail to lose weight, no matter how much they

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Hormone balance is essential to optimal body function and health. However, as we age, our bodies produce less of the essential hormones required for maintaining optimal health and well-being. Additionally, hormonal imbalance is caused by environmental chemicals found in pesticides, plastics, and non-stick cookware, to name