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Having trouble focusing? Don’t feel like yourself? It’s natural to get stressed or lose focus in life. Dr Hansen’s specially formulated supplements use only the highest quality all natural ingredients – so you can start feeling great again safely and effectively.

“It works quickly without any side-effects and even seems to improve my focus, mental clarity, memory and negotiation skills. It’s truly phenomenal.”

– Craig, Dallas, Texas

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Looking to lose some weight or get that youthful glow? Our all natural supplements can help! Decrease appetite, burn fat, increase your metabolic rate, promote new collagen and elastin formation, slow or even reverse the biological process of aging with these specially formulated supplements!

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Dr. Hansen believes in more than just treating symptoms. Our clinic focuses on building a strong foundation of health to prevent disease before it happens. Strengthen your immune system, reduce symptoms for illness, stimulate white blood cell production, reduce chronic disease risk, reduce allergy symptoms, reduce inflammation, and much more!

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Dr. Hansen specially formulates all supplements with only the highest quality ingredients. From joint health to heartburn, our mission is to help you feel your best.

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Best Naturopathic Clinic in Southwest USA
Best Naturopathic Clinic in Southwest USA
Best Naturopathic Clinic in Southwest USA

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The Hansen Clinic Pharmacy offers a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, herbs and condition specific supplements, as well as homeopathic and natural prescription medicines. Dr. Hansen stocks only professional grade products found to be safe and effective.

When you shop Dr. Hansen holistic products, be assured that prices are competitive with health food store products of equal quality and patients receive an extra 20% off of products formulated by Dr. Hansen.

    • Natural  and Homeopathic Ingredients
    • Proprietary Formulas
    • Safe and Effective

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