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Safe and affordable healthcare can be found in Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Hansen approaches wellness through natural remedies, building a foundation of vitality through herbal supplements and vitamins.


At our clinic, it’s all about prevention.

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Vitamin D Boosts Immunity

As daylight hours grow colder and shorter, incidences of the common cold, flu, and respiratory infections spike upwards. Scientists have identified reduced vitamin D levels in winter months as a prime suspect for this increase in infectious disease cases.

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Flu Fatalities Fabricated by the CDC for Decades

For years, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been citing an annual estimate of 36,000 deaths from flu. That figure has been used to justify mandatory flu vaccination for children and has been parroted the world over by news organizations that never question its validity.

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Our Services


Look and Feel Young

A variety of services using all natural products, microneedling, dermaplaning, HydraFacial MD®, and aesthetic services.
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Bioidentical Therapy

For Optimal Health

Hormone balance is essential. Feel happier, healthier, stronger, clearer, sharper and more alive than you've ever felt before!
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Men's Health

Comprehensive Health

A natural and whole body approach to improving men’s health.
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Feel Like You Again

Relieve typical symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, and more within just 1-2 weeks!
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Stem Cell Therapy

Incredible Results

Leading the way in providing the latest and most advanced therapies in Natural and Regenerative Medicine
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Live Healthier

Relieve knee pain, rebuild collagen and restore function without the risk of surgery.
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Weight Loss

Achieve Your Goals!

Succeed with a compassionate and holistic approach to your overall well-being and lifestyle.
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Women's Health

Holistic Women's Health

A natural and holistic approach to women’s health. Take some time to take care of yourself!
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Best Naturopathic Clinic in Southwest USA
Phillip B.
"Really comprehensive consultation and many of my beliefs were not only challenged but disproven. What Medicine should be like. Facts and research to back up said facts. Not some biased study by big Pharma. Great experience. I'll likely be going back."
Lisa R.
Right away you can tell you are in great hands. Awesome front office staff! Sitting with Dr. Hansen for initial review and you feel like someone finally understands! I look forward to working with Dr. Hansen and feeling my absolute best!
R. S.
"Great service. Staff was very friendly and accommodating to our needs."
A. T.
"A visit to see Dr. Hansen and his staff is always well worth it. They are so friendly and Dr. Hansen listens so that he can figure out the root of whatever my problem may be that day."

Our Recent Articles

Coronavirus Stress and Anxiety Remedy, Dr Hansen

Stress & Anxiety on the Rise

The fear of the unknown is often incapacitating and causing many people to feel helpless and overwhelmed with worry. The psychological, physical and financial stress of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is impacting everyone and for many it is causing significant anxiety.

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