WARNING: Mammograms Cause Cancer, Death!

Why does the FDA not warn women about the obvious risk of radiation associated with annual mammogram screening? The National Cancer Institute admits that  Mammograms emit ionizing Radiation that causes cellular damage associated with aging and DNA mutations that cause cancer.  A woman ages about 4 years every time she gets a Mammogram. Although the […]

Feeling Fantastic at Fifty-six: Lorna's Story

This is the story of my patient who I will call Lorna. When she came to see me she was 56 years old and had been experiencing menopause symptoms for 8 years. She was having 8-10 hot flashes every night. The hot sweats began soon after falling asleep and continued all night. Needless to say […]

Protect Your Access to Natural Thyroid

Action Alert! Patients need access to compounded thyroid extract, not just the synthetic and incomplete version. I’ve been telling you over the past few months (here and here) about a bill moving through Congress to outlaw certain natural compounded medications. This bill is a blatant move by pharmaceutical drug companies to eliminate the competition of compounding pharmacies and […]

Boost Your Energy and Reverse the Symptoms of Menopause! Rachel's Story

At age 49, my patient Rachel felt like she was falling apart. She had suffered a tragic stress a few years earlier, from which she was still struggling to recover. Now, in addition, she was beginning to experience Perimenopause. She had absolutely no energy, was cold all the time, had vaginal dryness and zero sex […]

Penny's Story: Total Hysterectomy:Total Hormone Imbalance

This is the story of my patient Penny. When she first came to see me she was 52 years old and had been experiencing “Menopause” symptoms since age 34. That is when she had a Total Hysterectomy, in which her Gynecologist removed her uterus and both ovaries due to severe Endometriosis. Too bad she didn’t come […]